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Leilani Natural, luxury face, body & hair care

G'day to all our wonderful friends! W are currently in the process of moving our family, Leilani Natural, and of course the Puppies! Therefore Leilani Natural L.L.P is under a short hiatus. We will return as soon as we can with a NEW LEASE ON LIFE, AND, from the BIg Island of Hawaii :) :) :)
If you are currently having a face, body or hair-care emergency please ring us at 800-447-2520

What can we say... it looks good, works like  n a t u r a l   


l e i l a n i   n a t u r a l            i n f o @ l e i l a n i n a t u r a l . c o m            Post Falls Idaho 83854            800.447.2520

Leilani Please email us at info@leilaninatural.com with any questions orders, we are almost ready !!!  Join us on Facebook     eMail Leilani directly - she is one busy lady but you can sure try. For a mor rapid response, use the other eMail links on the page.Kingsley


leilani natural statements have NOT been evaluated by the FDA so they are NOT meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
But for the rest of us the product is fantastic and our family and friends have been using Leilani Natural products for over 4 years now, so...